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Generic Modules

Unify JADE Consultancy Practice develops generic modules that provide benefit to any organisation developing JADE applications. Available today are:

Exception Handler Module

The Exception Handler module provides a JADE application user with a non-intrusive method of reporting errors in a managed way and technical support people with the detailed information they require on the cause of the exception.

This module handles the technical issues associated with exceptions as well as providing tools to assist end users in requesting help from their developer. Technical issues handled are: trapping the exception, capturing the JADE application screen, logging the stack, and dealing tidily with transaction state and locks. The stack logging includes the method and instruction that caused the exception, parameters and local variables of the method, and other methods in the path. The error report combines the screen image with the program code and any notes added by the user. The Exception Handler module uses Microsoft Outlook, if installed, to email a comprehensive report to a configurable address.

MIME Encoder Module

The MIME Encoder module allows groups of image and text files to be easily archived, retrieved and viewed.

The encoder packages multiple viewable files into a single file. This single file can be easily archived and the contents are viewable through Internet Explorer or another web browser.

MIME encoded files can be output by web server applications to be viewed by application users. The MIME encoded format can also be emailed using SMTP.

Obfuscation Module

The obfuscation module allows highly sensitive information to be encrypted without changing significant data characteristics and formats.

The module allows the information to be displayed in applications without making significant user interface changes. Obfuscated data may be used in training manuals or system demonstrations without compromising client confidentiality.

The module provides quick, reversible encryption schemes that obfuscate dates, or names and addresses and other plain text information.

Verhoeff Check Digit Module

The Verhoeff Check Digit module detects errors in the data entry of numbers. The module is ideal for use with account numbers, client numbers, or other numbers used for identification.

Verhoeff categorised data entry errors as follows:

  • single errors: a becomes b
  • omitting or adding a digit
  • adjacent transpositions: ab becomes ba
  • twin errors: aa becomes bb
  • jump transpositions: acb becomes bca
  • jump twin errors: aca becomes bcb
  • phonetic errors: a0 becomes 1a [since the two have similar pronunciations in English, e.g. thirty and thirteen]

The Verhoeff Check Digit scheme detects all single errors, all adjacent transpositions, and over 90% of other types of errors.

Version Control Module

The Version Control module provides a simple mechanism for serial release of system changes. The module provides a controlling mechanism for releases from development into testing and production.

For each staging server and production server, the module detects the out of order loading of system changes; and provides an audit trail of changes loaded. The module allows developer documentation to be included in the release and audit process.

Easily Installed, No Extra Schemas Required

The software components are delivered as encrypted JADE source code and may include executable DLL(s) without source code. The modules are compatible with CardSchema and do not require an additional schema to be added to your development environment.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these products, contact Ross Brown.