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Software Development Consultancy


Our primary service is providing consulting services to increase the productivity of software developers and software development companies. This is done firstly by implementation of methodology and secondly by the provision of a managed environment for software development.

Unify JADE Consultancy Practice also offers a range of JADE-related professional services. These services include:

Strategic IT Planning

We have worked successfully in the past with the senior management and/or the internal IT staff of organisations to help the organisation map its strategic path. A fresh look by someone from outside can help to separate the strategic from the operational and define a forward focussed strategy.
At a low level, these planning services range from defining the strategic goals for a current software development to helping an organisation plan their Internet presence. At a higher level, they have included review and enhancement of a large organisation's IT strategy.

Custom Business Application Software Development

We work with companies at all stages of the software development life cycle. Some projects come to us in concept form, others as requirements definition documents. There is no "typical" project for us. The key aspect to all these projects is that they are scoped and specified before development and focused on the business requirements first and the technical solution second.

Custom Complex Technology Software Development

We have a strong background in the architectural design of complex technology solutions and the ability to develop solutions both in JADE and in a variety of complementary technologies.