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We launched Turing Solutions as a JADE Partner in October 1997. Turing Solutions grew rapidly to become a 30 person multi-technology company in just three years. We sold Turing Solutions to Computerland New Zealand in June 2000. Our new company, Unify, purchased the Turing JADE business in March 2001 when we completed our exit from Turing.

From 1997 to 2000, our team worked on an average of three large JADE technology projects each year. The JADE system for the Medical Council of New Zealand was developed around the same time by another development team. When Unify took over maintenance and development of this system in 2001, we required strong methodologies to be able to make reliable changes to a system that we were not familiar with.

With the daunting challenge of using strong methodologies and achieving high productivity, the Unify Software Development Methodology; Unify Development Environment; Unify JADE Code Management System and other associated tools were developed.

In addition to JADE, we have used the methodology and tools with the following technologies:
  • HTML, JavaScript, ASP, and ASPX
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Outlook Visual Basic

The methodology and tools provide large productivity gains for JADE technology development and smaller but significant productivity gains for development using other technologies.